Despite the fact that the Roxy was only half-full for the show, you wouldn't have known it by the crowd reaction. Julian opened with a rousing version of "Get A Life" from 1991's "Help Yourself" CD. Most of his set consisted of tunes from his fabulous new offering, "Photograph Smile". This was a good choice since it is easily his BEST album ever! Some of my personal faves were played: "And She Cries", "Faithful", "Crucified"and of course "I Don't Wanna Know". Julian appeared totally at-ease on stage, especially when compared to his 1980's shows. He even mentioned "looking back on the hair spray days and wondering...what was all that running on stage about?!" And he made some funny remarks about the "constructive criticism" given to him by the critics that call his music beatle-esque. The only problem with the flawless sound system of the Roxy occurred during "Vallotte"! The first half of the song his vocal mike was cutting out and you could only hear the backup vocals. The best surprise of the evening was Jules version of "Too Late For Goodbyes",which he introduced as a "Stones version of an old song...". The only part of this song that I didn't like was when he did the old, "lets see which side of the audience sings better than the other" routine. On a curious note,he didn't play "Saltwater", one of his biggest hits (except of course in America!). Despite the fact that it was on his set list, which I saw after the show.

All in all it was a great show and his band did note-for-note perfect renditions of the songs. Julian ended with "Stand By Me" and you closed your eyes you would have sworn it was his father singing it! Before he left the stage he said, "see you next time." Hopefully, it won't be such a long wait for his next album and tour. I would love to hear more albums as great as "Photograph Smile"!

After the show, we stuck around his tour bus to see if we could catch a glimpse and hopefully an autograph. After an hour his manager came out and said that Julian would sign one article per person and to please"queue up". Everyone complied, save for one obnoxious Beatle fanatic who sneered, "I was the first back here I'm not waiting in line", and proceeded to cut in line (But more about Beatle fanatics later). As my turn in line came, I told Julian "great show tonight!" His response sums up his whole mindset..."I've got a great band." Down to earth and grounded. That's Julian!

Added note: eight days later Julian was playing keyboards for Peter Noone's oldies show at Six Flags Over Georgia!

Back to the topic of Beatle fanatics. Sure, the Beatles are great. I've been a fan since 1975 and they were the reason I took up guitar,started writing songs and formed a band. And its true that they are the litmus test for rock and roll. The prism through which everything that came before went into, and from which everything afterwards is to be measured. I agree, they are the best...but not the ONLY rock and roll band. I am a fan, not a fanatic! Its sort of a paradox. I love the Beatles but hate (most of) their fans. The post-show line-cutter is the perfect example of why Beatle fanatics have such a bad rep. And, I think John Lennon himself would agree with me-"Goo goo ga choob-go get a clue!"

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You can almost run a parallel to John's comments about Jesus Christ and religion. Just insert a few words: "Jesus (the Beatles) were alright, but his disciples (Beatle fanatics) were thick and ordinary...it's their twisting it that ruins it for me."

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